Climacteric Disorders and Osteoporosis

The menopause syndrome

The menopause syndrome is characterized by different complaints and symptoms such as: hot flushes, sleeping difficulties, vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, decreased libido, painful sexual intercourse, memory-problems, irritability, etc. All of these symptoms are the consequences of decreased estrogen production of the ovaries.


Due to the decreased estrogen production of the ovaries women lose bone mass, the architecture of the bones changes, and the stability of the bones decreases resulting in hip, wrist, and vertebral fractures.

Menopause syndrome and osteoporosis can and should be treated in time in order to make unpleasent symptoms disappear and to prevent bone fractures. Women suffering from climacteric symptoms, or featuring low bone mineral density scores (BMD) are adviced to see the specialist: a so-called Certified Member of Menopausal Medicine.